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European University Institute researchers and staff

The sala medica is situated close to the EUI shop at the main reception (Badia).

Dr Kerr will be available on Wednesday mornings during term time to see the researchers and staff (and their families) of the EUI.
You must make an appointment first.

To make an appointment :

Phone the doctor's cell number (335 8361682) the Tuesday before the Wednesday that you wish to be seen (before 5pm).
There are 2 or 3 appt slots:

They need to be filled in this order.
Whatever the EUI website may indicate, the doc is not available throughout the morning. He has to return to the office in the centre of Florence.
The doc will need to corfirm that the medical issue can be dealt with in the EUI sala medica. e.g. ear syringing and vaccinations can only be done at the main office in the centre.
When you make the call try to have some privacy to briefly explain the issue.
Emails are a very bad way to set up an appt. for a number of reasons. Firstly the doc may only check his inbox at the end of the day and more importantly the reply to the address will arrive in the quarantine / spam box.
WhatsApp is also an option, but it is best to phone.

Cancellations and associated fees.
To cancel an appt. please phone the cell number 335 8361682.
(SMSs can take hours to arrive)
The doctor only goes to the Badia if someone makes an appt. This trip to the Badia takes a significant amount of time.
Appointments that are cancelled after 19.00 Tuesday or just not attended will be billed the usual €48/€50.
This cancellation fee does not apply to appointments made for the office in the city centre.


Cigna members: €9.60

Please have the correct change and bring your Cigna Membership card.
Cheques and credit cards are not accepted.
(credit cards can be used in the office in the centre of Florence)

Researchers €48
Staff €50

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