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Covid-19 testing in Florence

Rapid Antigen tests can be done at Dr Kerr's office.
Cost is €50 and the result is in 15 mins
A certificate (e.g. for travel) can be made immediately.
N.B. the usual test required for travelling is the more accurate PCR test
However, the UK and USA accept the antigen test and the certificate will confirm the neccessary criteria.
Please check the up to date requirements for :

Italian Government info. for testing and travel

If you have symptoms:
Advice on Covid-19 testing is constantly changing.
If you have symptoms and want to organise a test then there are 2 phone numbers run by the Italian authorities:
Ministry of Health info. line tel: 1500 or
The regional no. tel +39 055 4385850 (Mon-Fri 9am to 1pm)
If you have severe symptoms (high fever and respiratory difficulty) then you can present to the tent outside the emergency room of Santa Maria Nuova hospital. Their function is not to do routine testing.  (source1)

If you are travelling:
For the PCR nose swab test.
This test checks for the presence of the virus in your nose/throat.
You can book online:  (or search "tampone covid 19")
The cost at these labs is about €120.

Alternatively, if organising the test yourself is problematic, Dr Kerr can do it for you.
The cost for this service is €50 each. This does not include the lab fees.
The patient is seen in Dr Kerr’s office and the relevant information is collated to create a Covid test request. The doc will then make an appointment with the lab.
The test is performed at another location, and hopefully as soon as the following day.
If coming to the office isn’t practical then the consult can be virtual and Dr Kerr’s bill paid online.
Lab Fees:
One lab can offer a 2-day turnaround for €85 or the same day result in English for €125 (weekdays only)
Another lab that is open at the weekend charges up to €113. If the result needs to be in English the lab will add another €20. The result is usually ready within 24 to 72 hours.

If you would like to use this service then please phone or use WhatsApp +39 335 8361682.

Quantitative Antibody serological blood tests (IgG & IgM).
This test checks for previous exposure to the virus, not necessarily current infection or degree of infectivity to others. The antibodies may not be measurable for some time after exposure and may eventually clear within months of a previous infection.

(1) Direct questioning of the staff of the ER

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