influenza vaccine 2021 - Dr Kerr, English doctor in Florence, Italy

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influenza vaccine 2021

For 2021 patients will need to acquire the flu vaccine from their local pharmacy.

The pharmacy may either dispense the vaccine without a prescription or insist on a script.

For those that get the vaccine without a prescription, keep it in the fridge and send the doc an email - kerr (at) iol. it to make an appt.
The appt. for administering the vaccine is €50

If the pharmacy insists on a prescription then the doc can prepare the script. This part of the service is €30.
When you have the script, contact the doc to make an appt (kerr (at) In the meantime keep the vaccine in the fridge. When you come in to have the vaccine administered there will be a further charge of €30 (€60 in total)

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