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Contact us

Office address:
Dr S Kerr
Studio Medico del Cinghiale
Piazza Mercato Nuovo 1 [4th floor]
50123 Firenze

+39 335 8361682

Messaging: use WhatsApp rather than SMS.

Remember the time difference. Florence is 6 hours ahead of New York

If you have any questions, comments on the site, find any typos or broken links then please send an email.

Please choose one email address. i.e. don't send the same email to both mails:

Email for general enquiries and appointments (not appt.s for Covid tests) - read by doc
The address to send an email is kerr @ iol . it (without the spaces)
Some people have reported that replies from this email end up in their spam folder
Emails are not read at the weekend.

Email to make an appointment for a Covid test(read by secretary):

If you want to make an appt. and you have not seen Dr Kerr before it is useful to send the following info:
-Name (Mr/Ms) Please indicate which is the family name if it might not be obvious
-date of birth (please spell the month)
-an address (usually home address)
-country of tax residence
-an idea of the medical issue

If your question requires a prompt answer then please phone the cell no. +39 335 8361682

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