The location of the clinic - Dr Kerr, English doctor in Florence, Italy

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The location of the clinic

Piazza del Mercato Nuovo 1, 50123, Firenze
The office is in the very centre of the historic centre of Florence:
1 min. walk south from Piazza Repubblica
1min. west from Piazza Signoria and the Uffizi gallery and
2min. north from the Ponte Vecchio.

95% of first-time patients find the office without bother.
The remainder can struggle for a variety of reasons:
  • Google Maps issues:
 1) if you enter the address "piazza Mercato Nuovo 1" into Google search it places the office on another street closeby. If you enter the website "" then Google maps will give the correct location.
 2) the first suggestion that Google Maps gives for Piazza Mercato Nuovo can be a location in Prato. Another city close to Florence.
  • often the piazza is not mentioned on tourist maps as it is quite small but has a long name.
  • The nick-name used by the locals is 'Loggia del Porcellino' in honour of the statue of the bronze boar.

If you are asking directions from the locals or taking a taxi it is best to ask for the 'Loggia del Porcellino' otherwise you may be directed to/taken to the Mercato Centrale about a mile away.

OK, so you have found the piazza, where is number 1 (black)?
The piazza being a square has 4 sides.
No. 1 is on the east side.
i.e. if you are looking at the face of the boar with the H&M shop behind you then No.1 is on the right side of the square (the same side as the ice cream/chocolate shop: Venchi).
And then up to the 4th floor, and a door that says "studio medico"
Location App :what3words (USA) ///cuff.plea.generals

Last but not least.....
N 47.77027
E 11.25418

Cars are not allowed in the centre. The closest parking spaces are: 1) train station, Santa Maria Novella, 2) a private garage on via Ghibellina, near the Bargello museum.

For some people the most recognisable shop near the office is H&M.
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