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Dr Kerr's Profile

Stephen Kerr was born in Brighton, England in 1968

At 18 he commenced medical school at King's College school of medicine and graduated six years later from the University of London with 'Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery' MB.BS (Lond). This is the UK equivalent of an MD in the USA.

In 1993 he commenced a further 4 years of Vocational (post-graduate) training to qualify as a Family / General Practitioner.

This included hospital work in:
general medicine
general surgery
accident and emergency
OBGYN obstetrics and gynaecology
general practice

The locations of these hospitals varied from England, The Channel Islands, Scotland and Australia to a British Army base in Germany.

Services include general medicine, travel vaccines, medical certificates for work and birth control.
For those patients who need a referral, Dr Kerr has, over the last 25 years, built up a list of the best English speaking specialists in Florence.

The Doctor is licensed to practice in Italy ;
(Ordine Dei Medici di Firenze : Iscriz. albo N. 10815)

Most frequently asked questions:

Why Italy?....

The wife is from Florence.

Would she move to England?

Not for all the tea in China !!
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