Fees and payment - Dr Kerr, English doctor in Florence, Italy

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Fees and payment

  • consultation fee: up to  €95
  • study abroad (undergraduate/masters) students in Florence* €60
  • EUI researchers (pre- PhD) €60
  • EUI staff, post-doc €75
  • EUI Cigna holders €12 or €15
  • SARS-Cov-2 Rapid Antigen Test €50

Your account should be settled at the end of the consultation.
If you do not have adequate funds please inform the doctor before the consultation.
Payment can be made in cash (Euros) or Visa / Mastercard or Apple / Google pay

Insurance policies such as Blue Cross are not normally accepted as payment. However a tax receipt is issued and this can be submitted to your insurance provider. A claims form will be available from the provider's website.
Keep all other receipts from the pharmacy, laboratory  etc. for submission.
N.B. duplicate receipts cannot be issued.

GeoBlue Worldwide insurance.
Students with this insurance often have 100% cover for illness and trauma and the doc can bill GeoBlue directly. Click here for more info.

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
This is a private clinic and does not accept the European Health Insurance Card as a form of payment.

*the student rate is for undergraduate or masters students studying in Florence. This does not apply to mature students taking classes in Italian/cooking etc.

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